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Allison promotes new Formula One Design board for 2012 Olympic Games in Europe

Monday, 5 May, 2008

5.5.08   Allison has just arrived in Sines, Portugal for the start of the Formula windsurfing European season. 


Allison has been chosen to be the Athlete representative on the steering committee for the Formula One Design class for the proposed new Olympic board.


Allison will be promoting and racing the Starboard Formula One Design board when racing commences at the Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix, in Sines, Portugal from May 6-10th.  She will then head off to the British Open in the UK, then on to Sopot in Poland for the Formula Grand Prix, before heading home to Australia.

More information about the Formula One Design board can be found on the website.  To see footage of the the FWOD equipment visit here.

Formula One Design

Formula Windsurfing One Design - Olympic 2012

Equipment proposal:

Board: Starboard Formula 162 litres

Fin: Starboard Formula One Design fin 70cm

     Sails: Starboard Formula 11m
2 for men, 9.5 m2 for women

Masts: Starboard Blue Line 540cm for men, 490cm for women.

Boom: Starboard Blue Line boom 270 for men, 240 for women

Extension/mast base: Starboard Blue Line 35cm Extension


Why Formula Windsurfing?

Formula Windsurfing equipment, over the last eight years, allows Formula windsurfers to plane and race from 6 knots to 30 knots of wind.

Formula represents the modern planing sport of windsurfing as practiced by most recreational windsurfers all over the World.

As a pure planing class, Formula Windsurfing will bring a visually exciting sailing sport to the Olympics.

The Weymouth wind conditions for the Olympic time frame fits well within the Formula Windsurfing wind range (appendix 3).

Formula windsurfing has been the most popular international windsurfing racing class over the last 8 years

No Formula Windsurfing international event has been cancelled since 2001 due to lack of wind. Who is supporting Formula Windsurfing One Design 2012?

The International Windsurfing Association, representative of the Windsurfing Classes

The Professional Windsurfing Association

The Formula Experience Class

Starboard, the number one board brand in the windsurfing industry

What do racers think?

They want to see planing windsurfing, the windsurfing that most windsurfers do themselves, reflected in the Olympics.

They want a planing class to make it relevant to all other windsurfing classes.

They want an Olympic class that covers a wider group of body weights.

They want an Olympic class that is proven to be popular with the media, the windsurfing public and the general public, to reflect the prestige of the Olympic Games and their ambition.

What do recreational windsurfers think?

They want to see planing windsurfing in the Olympics, to represent the windsurfing that they do themselves.

They want to see their windsurfing heroes race at the Olympics and modern windsurfing represented in the media. Over 90% of the boards sold worldwide the last five years have hulls designed only for planing. Formula boards are planing hulls.

What does the media think?

Formula Windsurfing is spectacular, fast and involves many of the best-known athletes in the sport.

With Formula Windsurfing, their public will have exciting images of a fast moving sport.

With Formula windsurfing, the opportunity to market a high-performance sport is greater, with more viewers and more interest.

What does the general public think?

Windsurfing is mainly a spectacular planing sport yet the Olympic representation shows something different.

Formula Windsurfing is impressive, delivering such performance in so little winds. What about current Olympic Windsurfing racers and coaches?

They could adapt to Formula Windsurfing quickly, since the Formula board’s performance and tactics relate to the RS:X in 12 knots of wind and up. The main difference is that in Formula Windsurfing, it kicks off at 6 knots.

Formula windsurfing is an opportunity to remove the pumping range of the sport.

What do women racers think?

Formula is lighter, simpler and with limited pumping. This makes the class more adapted to women windsurfers.

Formula is less physical with less chances of injury.

The planing threshold and performance range is equal to the men’s; training can be integrated with the men’s.

A class more adapted to women will increase the number of women participants which will expand the appeal of Olympic Windsurfing.

Formula equipment is light – completely assembled, it can be carried by women to and from the water with ease.

What is the difference between the current board and a Formula board?

It is lighter - the current hull, fully equipped, weighs 18.7kg with variations over 1 kg above the stated weight. The Formula is 10.85 kg fully equipped with greater weight consistency.

It is simple – there are no daggerboards, no gaskets, no adjustable mast track. It is a simple planing hull. Simple to maintain and simple also means greater consistency.

Is it expensive?

No, Formula Windsurfing One Design is 34.5% cheaper than the current equipment:

• RS:X package: 3872.80 Euros excluding VAT

• Formula Windsurfing One Design package: 2537.00 Euros excluding VAT

• Formula Experience package: 1613.00 Euros excluding VAT

Refer to Appendix 4 for pricing details and pricing policy.

Transportation is cheaper – the fully loaded board bag weighs 18.9kg, the fully loaded rig bag weighs 15.86kg. Both weights are well below the current airline regulation limit.

Bags below the limit means that an extra sail or mast can be included at no extra cost.

How will it be distributed?

Formula Windsurfing One Design packages and components are available through a complete network of distributors and shops in over 70 countries across six continents.

Is it durable?

Formula boards can be raced over three to four years without structural issues.

No daggerboards, no mast tracks, no rubber lips, no stoppers or complex mechanisms: Formula boards are solid without any moving parts. It is stable, consistent and reliable.

Is the equipment consistent?

Formula Windsurfing has eight years of history with consistent equipment quality and equality. Without complex parts and moving mechanisms, the manufacturing process produces consistent results - weight, shape, centre of gravity, flex have proven to be consistent and equal. Outside the composite epoxy glass fibre sandwich skin, the Starboard Formula has an added layer of unidirectional pine wood ensuring that the bottom shape remains unchanged over time.

With Starboard’s headquarters 30 minutes’ drive away from the OEM board manufacturer, the highest level of external quality control is assured with more access, more flexibility and quicker response times.

What about youth?

The Formula Experience Class offers an affordable feeder path to Formula One Design. Formula Experience is a recognised ISAF sailing class since 2002.

The Formula Windsurfing One Design’s Youth division offers a feeder class on identical equipment to the Formula Windsurfing One Design with 8.5m2 and 9.5m2 rigs.

Does Formula Windsurfing One Design fit the wind criteria set by ISAF?

Yes, the 6 to 25 knots required by ISAF’s race management policies for the Olympic sailing competition and ISAF events fits inside the wind range of Formula Windsurfing One Design.

Does Formula Windsurfing One Design give advantage to any specific body size?

Formula Windsurfing One Design can give an advantage to body sizes depending on the wind strength.

For the men’s division:

• Above 20 knots, a 80 kg sailor may have an advantage.

• Under 10 knots, a 70 kg sailor may have an advantage.

For the women’s division:

• Above 20 knots, a 65 kg sailor may have an advantage.

• Under 10 knots, a 55 kg sailor may have an advantage.

What about pumping?

There is limited need for pumping in Formula Windsurfing because it is a planing class.

Very limited need for pumping means less physical body problems for the racers and thus a more popular class.

Very limited need for pumping shifts the focus of racing towards tactics, trimming and sailing technique.

In summary:

The current windsurfing Olympic class is considered irrelevant by all but the racers who have dedicated themselves to Olympic windsurfing.

This chance to choose Formula Windsurfing for 2012 will offer:

A spectacular sailing sport that meets the criteria for Type 1 and Type 2 events.

A spectacular sailing sport that will excite the windsurfing public, the general public with increased media appeal.

A spectacular sailing sport that will gather unprecedented support and exposure for windsurfing

All this on established equipment that has been raced since 2007 and developed since 2000.

Proven equipment that is simpler, faster, more affordable, more consistent, more reliable and more exciting.

Is the equipment ready?

Yes. Formula boards and sails have been racing since 1999.

The board and sails proposed for 2012 Olympics have been raced and available in shops since 2007.

Why the Starboard Formula 162?

The Starboard Formula 162 is currently the World’s earliest planing board, guaranteeing a visually spectacular sport from 6 knots.

Since 1999 Starboard has been leading the development of the Formula windsurfing class through design and quality, resulting in a current 75% market share.

Starboard is based 30 minutes from their main production house, Cobra International, and have 14 years of close working relationship experience with the manufacturer. This offers unprecedented ability to control equipment consistency.

The Starboard Formula had 18 out of the 20 top places in the ISAF 2007 Formula Windsurfing World Championships, reflecting the current equipment choice.

Why the Starboard Formula One Design fin?

The Starboard Formula One Design fin is produced by Deboichet.

Deboichet fins are overall the most popular, precise and durable fins since the beginning of the Formula Windsurfing class.

Deboichet is currently the most consistent and proven fin producer at mass-production level, working with the French factory UFO for the Deboichet production series fins.

Why the Starboard Formula Sail?

It is a light 3 cam sail with medium wide luff pocket for less water absorption.

It can be trimmed with a deep profile, guaranteeing lightwind performance.

It is especially easy to rig and trim, and delivers comfortable high performance sailing from 6 to 25 knots.

Its durable design is manufactured by IK Pacific, a manufacturer well renowned for reliability and high quality workmanship.

The Starboard group is currently selling 10,000 high-end sails a year and has been delivering sails since 2001, collecting design and manufacturing experience accordingly.

Why the Starboard Blue Line mast?

The 75% carbon mast gives excellent performance with proven durability.

The mast is produced with Italica in Italy, a high-end mast manufacturer known for the best quality in the industry.

Starboard has a long standing development and business relation with Italica. Why the Starboard Blue Line Boom?

The Starboard Blue line Alloy boom is a light arm to arm construction (one piece) providing exceptional strength and stiffness.

It is produced by the Taiwanese company Technic Devotion, a long time supply partner to Starboard

Using smart materials and an innovative design, the price of the Starboard Blue Line boom is less than half the price of the current Olympic boom.


Proven equipment that is simpler, faster, more affordable, more consistent, more reliable and more exciting.

Formula Windsurfing One Design 2012