Allison Shreeve is a champion athlete who has represented Australia at the highest level of her sport of windsurfing, competing all over the world. Her outstanding achievements across four different windsurfing classes have proven inspirational, earning her respect from peers and fans alike.  

Starting in water sport at the age of fifteen after success in track and field, she rose to the top echelon of the extreme sport of windsurfing over a decade’s time, become a four-time Formula Windsurfing World Champion, the ‘A’ Class World Speed-Sailing Record holder, and the first and only woman to attempt to windsurf 115 kilometres across the formidable Bass Strait.

She also faced extreme challenges. Alone in mountainous seas, touching speeds up to 40 knots, her solitude and determination bred survival and insight.

She’s done it tough to compete as a professional athlete: sleeping in her car on cold night, away from friends and family. She’s experienced heartbreaking losses in competition including a string of consecutive losses in Olympic trials to the same rival.

Fierce competition can lead you to embrace your ambitions and enjoy your rewards. Allison has always embraced life at every turn, learning lessons from hardship and winning. She knows what it takes to get to the top, stay there and get results.Now as a leadership coach and motivational speaker, she’s transformed her ambitions from sporting goals to strategies for commercial and financial success. 


Allison is applying her life experience, including lessons learned in the heat of sporting completion, to point others to success in life and business. She works with those who seek to discover the cause within them and one that's worth fighting for – and empower you to champion that cause. Live your dream and make a living from your passion while achieving your personal life and health goals. For those wanting a new direction and don't know how, for those in leadership positions wanting better performance, for fellow athletes needing post-career guidance, contact Allison now to find out how you can work together.

Allison is a woman of strong conviction when it comes to her Christian faith.   


Did you Know...?

  • Allison is 170cm tall, has fair hair and blue/green eyes depending on what she is wearing.
  • She can’t click her fingers no matter how hard she tries!
  • Would rather watch the movie than read the book.
  • Is a bit of a thrill seeker and will try almost anything.
  • Likes - the smell of coffee, bbq's, fresh flowers and new books, chocolate, windy days, running before sunrise, playing guitar in bed, painting, scuba diving, playing squash, singing in the car and winning races.
  • Dislikes - when people miss the rubbish bin and don’t pick it up, cheats, washing up, going to the dentist and having to pay excess baggage!