Allison Shreeve photo by Robert Slabihoudek

Four-time world champion windsurfer and A-Class world speed-record holder, Allison Shreeve, is leveraging her experience in sporting success for creating leadership strategies for commercial and financial success. Using a holistic approach to create positive attitude and health, Allison will guide you with world-champion lessons for success.

Allison believes that success will be determined by how much you're willing to change, but that process requires ongoing support.

Allison is available for one-on-one leadership coaching as well as for leadership corporate coaching sessions.

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Leadership Corporate Sessions:

Unconventional techniques for world class leaders

World Champion and World Speed Record-Holder Allison Shreeve shares how to be a world-class leader in your industry. Discover the tools Allison used to overcome past failures and disappointments and how you too can reposition yourself and your business for success. Allison did not become a world champion by dreaming about it. She replaced dreams with action. You can do the same.

Walk away with:

·         Learning how not to sabotage your own business

·         Discovering what stops you from being successful

·         Tools to ensure lasting success

From failure to fame – what every leader needs to know

Learn from past experiences so you're not held back from what is possible. Allison’s faced challenges, hard times and heartbreaking losses – and transformed them into life experience and success. Fierce competition can lead you to embrace your ambitions and enjoy your rewards.

Walk away with:

·         Learning how to turn every failure into an opportunity

·         Knowing how to keep going when you think it's impossible

·         Discovering what is true success

Getting to the top and staying there

Constantly focused on what your competition is doing? Feel like you’re losing ground? Many businesses peak and then the competition takes over. Allison Shreeve, four-time World Champion, shares her secrets on how to get to the top and stay there. Allison embraces the lessons of hardship and winning, and reapplies them to create guidelines and action for success in life and business.

Walk away with:

·         How to gain and maintain the top position in your industry 

·         10 tips for sustainable success

·         Learning proven techniques you can apply to your business immediately

One-on-one leadership coaching with Allison

Whether you’re an industry leader, a current or former athlete, or anyone wanting to transform your leadership abilities with lasting results, working with Allison will have you riding the wind to success. Delve into key areas of exploration to make improvements in all parts of your life.Your leadership capabilities: 

- Discover your true present state
- Increase your personal performance
- Develop your full potential as a leader and the potential of your team
- Implement new championship techniques to your leadership arsenal
- Bed down systems to increase your income and profits
- Develop a better rapport with your team and clients, gaining the most out of every interaction
- Create an accountability structure to make sure you’re reaching your goals

Mind and Thought Psychology:
- Gain a deep understanding of the ways you sabotage your own business and business relationships
- Discover the reasons why you aren't already successful
- Discover road blocks and obstacles in your way to achieving where you want to be
- Learn how to master yourself and become a great leader
- Cultivate motivation to achieve exceptional results.
- Create a healthy body to ensure a healthy mind

Your lifestyle:
- Examine the environment around you: your lifestyle, workplace, home and weekly schedules
- Recode bad and unhealthy habits to change your behaviour
- Learn new skills to achieve goals, increase your knowledge, and improve your capabilities
- Analyse the personal, cultural, family and religious beliefs that affect your work and lifestyle
- Recode your relationship to yourself and your work colleagues by looking at your identify
- Understand how your family and culture affects your work and lifestyle

Allison believes that good health complements great leadership – and that health is directly related to performance in every area of life.

On request, one-on-one coaching can include the Healthy Leader Package:

·         The Allison Shreeve Health Analysis

·         The Bio-Age Test with 3-month follow-up

·         2 x Personal Training programs by Energise Health Management.  

Coaching Testimonials:

"Working with Allison is both rewarding and scary. She really coaches me in a way where I get instant results that translate into tangible outcomes. Just from our first few sessions, Allison helped me solve some long-standing problems in my business that were also affecting other areas of my life. She gives not only great advice, but coaches in a way that allows me to put actions into place. Being a World Champion, she knows what needs to happen to be the best. If you get a chance to work with Allison, jump at the opportunity. You will be richly rewarded." Pascal Martin, General Manager of PM & Associates

"Allison Shreeve is someone who knows how to create extra-ordinary results.  Allison provides a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams.  Allison does not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, an proves to be very valuable with her observations, opinions, and suggestions.  If you are ready to put in the effort, I can assure you that working with Allison Shreeve will produce positive results."  Wayne Mandic - Nexify Business Consultants.

“I’ve been on multiple diets and training programs in the last 10 years. However, nothing has ever been long-lasting. In the 3 weeks since I started working with Allison, I’ve gone from 93kg to 85kg and have fundamentally been able to make a lifestyle change. For me personally, even this change is something that I’m really excited and proud of because it’s something that know is going to be a sustainable change, not just a quick fix!My weight goal is 67kg and through my weekly calls with Allison and the tips and tricks that she is giving me, I am really excited of finally achieving something that I know I’ll be able to hold on to for the rest of my life.” Jimmy Gupta, RBI Senior Account Manager