COSM Web Framework

COSM - COSM Object Security Model

COSM is our framework (a \"framework\" being a set of highly structured reusable software components) for creating web-enabled software for our clients. The COSM web framework supports object-based security (authentication, authorisation, auditing) using industrial strength security policies and object-based data storage (key value pairs) for flexible data storage of data resources.

Why use a framework?

The most expensive cost to building any IT system is infrastructure. A framework minimises scenarios where \"re-inventing the wheel\" is required by providing access to a set of robust and well-tested functions that are commonly used across corporate-grade web-based systems.

Software is error-prone, especially in a world where deadlines are tighter and rapid change to business rules and IT standards creates a complexity that makes it near impossible to deliver software that is (1) on cost, (2) on time and (3) to specification. (hence, the old IT consultant adage: pick 2 out of 3)

Instead of building a new infrastructure for each client, we license COSM to leapfrog infrastructure building costs, providing (1) substantially quicker time to market; (2) applying focus to business rules rather than infrastructure issues; (3) low cost support & maintenance by upgrading to future versions of COSM.

The current COSM implementation uses PHP and MySql. 

Supported platforms

Linux, Windows NT4 Server, Windows 2000 Server.
Apache 1.3.x (recommended), Microsoft IIS 4+.